Why choose Toowong Orthodontics

We offer the benefits of being at only the one practice location.

We have chosen to concentrate our efforts at the one practice location in the convenient Brisbane inner city suburb of Toowong.

This is important for patients as it means that we have all our latest high quality equipment available at all times at the location that you attend. It means that all your records and charts are available at the one location for when we need to access them for your treatment.

It also means that you can always see the Orthodontist of your choice in the one place. This is an important consideration when some treatments can take up to 18 months or more.

Most orthodontic practices have multiple suburbs that they visit, sometimes only once or twice a fortnight.

Therefore if you have a breakage or emergency they will generally ask you to travel to another suburb where the Orthodontist is working on that particular day.


Health Funds/Tax Rebate

For large orthodontic treatments it is worth considering that you may qualify for the Medical Expense Tax Rebate from the Australian Taxation Office. If you have large medical bills that are above this tax threshold in a single year you could be eligible.
For more information you should contact your accountant or the Australian Taxation Office.


Expect some discomfort the first few days. You will feel tenderness of the teeth and perhaps some irritation to the inside of the lips and cheeks. If any part of the appliance is particularly irritating, soften some wax and place over the irritating part of the appliance. Mild pain relievers such as paracetamol may be taken to relieve pain.


Report the breakage of wire or loose parts of the appliance immediately. Do not wait until your next visit.

Tooth Brushing

The braces themselves will not damage the teeth, but plaque left around them can cause tooth decay and swollen gums. The part of the tooth under your brace is always clean, but the uncovered part of your teeth especially where the tooth meets the gum is the DANGER ZONE. You should feel as though the bristles are massaging your gums as well as your teeth. Your toothbrush must be soft and have a small head. Electric toothbrushes are very effective.
Inter-dental brushes should be used once a day between each tooth, under the wire.
Click Here to learn how to clean your braces

Here’s what to do

Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day – in the morning, during the day, after lunch or your afternoon snack and at night time before you go to bed, Take at least 3 minutes (don’t rush it) then rinse your mouth and look in the mirror to make sure the DANGER ZONE is really clean. Brush over the wire – bristles pointing down, under the wire- bristles pointing up and a third sweep along the gums. The gums should be a nice pink healthy colour and firm, not swollen. Teeth should look smooth and shiny, not dull and furry. Use a fluoride mouth wash daily.

Here’s what not to do

Don’t bite down on hard sweets, whole apples, carrots, ice, bones or anything hard. Don’t chew anything sticky, i.e Toffees, bubblegum, rollups or redskins and do not play with your braces.

Wearing Elastics

Elastics provide the force to move teeth. They must be worn as directed or they will not achieve the desired result. Elastics must be worn exactly as directed. Elastics are changed every 24 hours. They are only removed when eating and cleaning your teeth and must be replaced as soon as this is done.


Adjustment appointments will be made at regular intervals – usually every 5-8 weeks. It is important that you keep these appointments. If you are unable to attend an appointment please phone and reschedule as soon as possible.

Your Dentist

You must continue your regular checks with your own dentist throughout orthodontic treatment so that if any cavities or other concerns develop they can be attended to early.


Always wear a mouthguard for any contact sport.

About Us

A Specialist Orthodontist is a person who has first studied to become a dentist and then has completed at least a further three years of full-time study at a recognised University to obtain the Master of Dental Science Degree in Orthodontics.

Dr Goodyear is a specialist in her field and completes ongoing training to ensure her clients receive the most up to date treatment available. Please click on the options below to learn more about Dr Goodyear.

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