Why choose Toowong Orthodontics

We offer the benefits of being at only the one practice location.

We have chosen to concentrate our efforts at the one practice location in the convenient Brisbane inner city suburb of Toowong.

This is important for patients as it means that we have all our latest high quality equipment available at all times at the location that you attend. It means that all your records and charts are available at the one location for when we need to access them for your treatment.

It also means that you can always see the Orthodontist of your choice in the one place. This is an important consideration when some treatments can take up to 18 months or more.

Most orthodontic practices have multiple suburbs that they visit, sometimes only once or twice a fortnight.

Therefore if you have a breakage or emergency they will generally ask you to travel to another suburb where the Orthodontist is working on that particular day.

OrthoFast™: Fast treatment for simple cases.

With our trade marked OrthoFast™ treatment option, braces are attached only to the teeth that need fixing, so you see faster results at less cost.

The choice of braces is entirely up to you. They can be on the outside of your teeth or on the inside. However, since people wanting the OrthoFast option generally also want the braces to be as invisible as possible we recommend either the latest Clarity Advanced Ceramic braces or the Incognito Hidden braces. The Incognito braces are placed onto the inside surfaces of your teeth so they are completely hidden. With OrthoFast, you’ll be able to smile with confidence, not only after they’ve done their job, but even while you’re wearing them.

If it is important to you that your teeth are straightened efficiently, accurately and so that no one knows, then this is something you may wish to consider.

If you choose the braces for the inside of your teeth it is expected that you may have some discomfort talking and eating for a short period but you will adjust quite quickly.

Would OrthoFast™ suit you?

Some patients only need a short period of time with braces to straighten their front teeth only. Others may have had orthodontics before and only need a tidy up of the front teeth.

So if your back teeth are in a good position and you have a solid and stable bite, then a short period with our OrthoFast treatment option may be perfect for you.


pplHow fast is this treatment?

Because only the front teeth need straightening or some gaps closed, you can now have beautiful, straight teeth in as little as 4 to7 months.  Only the front teeth will need to get braces, so there will be no braces placed on your back teeth.

An accurate diagnosis is essential for success.

To find out if our OrthoFast treatment is suitable for you it’s important that you see us for an accurate diagnosis visit where all treatment options, including OrthoFast will be fully explained and costed for you.

How much does it cost?

ppl2Because OrthoFast treats only the front teeth and the treatment time is short, the cost of the treatment is reduced as well. Cost also depends on the type of braces you choose. You may have stainless steel braces on the outside of your teeth. Or, if you choose to use our latest translucent CERAMIC BRACES, you will have chosen a cost effective and aesthetic method for OrthoFast with very little visual impact.

If you want fast treatment AND you would prefer that your braces are hidden on the INSIDE of your teeth then INCOGNITO LITE is your best option. Incognito costs more than the other sorts of braces because these braces must be custom made for each of your front teeth, but the result is a truly hidden orthodontic treatment.

bracIs the result as good as full comprehensive braces?

Yes.  Being specialist orthodontists we don’t compromise quality. We only recommend the OrthoFast treatment option after our usual full diagnostic work up is complete and when the treatment case is suitable for fast treatment.

The Incognito™ Lite Appliance System is a new, less extensive version of the revolutionary Incognito™ Appliance System. While the original Incognito™ System attaches invisibly to the backs of all teeth, the Incognito™ Lite System is strategically designed to work on only the six teeth, top or bottom, that need fixing.

For those who just need tooth re-alignment of the front teeth area, this highly targeted approach means not only an invisible, aesthetic, highly effective experience, but a faster and more cost-effective one as well.

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A Specialist Orthodontist is a person who has first studied to become a dentist and then has completed at least a further three years of full-time study at a recognised University to obtain the Master of Dental Science Degree in Orthodontics.

Dr Goodyear is a specialist in her field and completes ongoing training to ensure her clients receive the most up to date treatment available. Please click on the options below to learn more about Dr Goodyear.

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