Why choose Toowong Orthodontics

We offer the benefits of being at only the one practice location.

We have chosen to concentrate our efforts at the one practice location in the convenient Brisbane inner city suburb of Toowong.

This is important for patients as it means that we have all our latest high quality equipment available at all times at the location that you attend. It means that all your records and charts are available at the one location for when we need to access them for your treatment.

It also means that you can always see the Orthodontist of your choice in the one place. This is an important consideration when some treatments can take up to 18 months or more.

Most orthodontic practices have multiple suburbs that they visit, sometimes only once or twice a fortnight.

Therefore if you have a breakage or emergency they will generally ask you to travel to another suburb where the Orthodontist is working on that particular day.



These metal braces are the ideal for all teens and adults wanting fast, economical and comfortable treatment results.

Metal braces have come a long way over the years and some kids and teens now even consider them a fashion statement.
Braces use constant but gentle pressure, which over time, moves your teeth. Your braces are at work every moment of your orthodontic treatment. The two main components of your braces are the individual brackets that are placed on your teeth and the archwire that connects them.

This Mini Uni-Twin is 30% smaller in size than a standard Twin orthodontic bracket and therefore is less obvious when you smile. The unique cut away design enables us to progress your treatment to full-sized archwires faster, while increasing patient comfort. The rounded corners make it easier for you to clean and adjust to.

The arch wires are held in place with small elastic bands which can be clear, metal coloured or coloured. If you’re feeling a bit wild you can choose a coloured elastic band from a rainbow of colours every time a wire is changed. So you’re not stuck with the same colours the whole time your braces are on!

About Us

A Specialist Orthodontist is a person who has first studied to become a dentist and then has completed at least a further three years of full-time study at a recognised University to obtain the Master of Dental Science Degree in Orthodontics.

Dr Goodyear is a specialist in her field and completes ongoing training to ensure her clients receive the most up to date treatment available. Please click on the options below to learn more about Dr Goodyear.

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