Why choose Toowong Orthodontics

We offer the benefits of being at only the one practice location.

We have chosen to concentrate our efforts at the one practice location in the convenient Brisbane inner city suburb of Toowong.

This is important for patients as it means that we have all our latest high quality equipment available at all times at the location that you attend. It means that all your records and charts are available at the one location for when we need to access them for your treatment.

It also means that you can always see the Orthodontist of your choice in the one place. This is an important consideration when some treatments can take up to 18 months or more.

Most orthodontic practices have multiple suburbs that they visit, sometimes only once or twice a fortnight.

Therefore if you have a breakage or emergency they will generally ask you to travel to another suburb where the Orthodontist is working on that particular day.


3Limited earlier age treatment that can save a lot of complex issues and cost later on.

This treatment option is reserved for our younger patients, generally up to around 12 years of age.

They are powerful removable appliances used to correct the jaws of those patients where their lower jaw is not growing forward as much as their top jaw and as a result a large distance develops between their top and bottom teeth.

People often think that this gap is due to the top teeth “sticking out”, but generally it is due to the lower jaw being too far back.

At Toowong orthodontics we have a particular interest and experience with these removable appliances, using them to correct jaw imbalances in our younger patients for decades.

This will result in an improved facial profile and chin which can only be done when the child or teen is growing, so an early consultation is highly recommended.

If needed the jaw width is also orthopedically increased and this generally results in the keeping of permanent teeth that would otherwise need extraction.

Once the jaws have been corrected to the ideal position and shape, the patient typically has a year or so rest from the orthodontist while the remaining permanent teeth erupt into the mouth.

If braces are needed to align crowded or rotated teeth, then this is done with fixed braces when all the permanent teeth have fully erupted.

Contact us for a consultation to see if this is relevant to your child.

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